Our Needs

Our urgent needs

We are currently trusting Father God for 5 bicycles to be used as a mode of transport for our staff. The following bicycle would be ideal:

Axis A90 26er: Lightweight Alloy Hardtail FrameAxis A90





The cost of one of these bicycles is R 3,000 (260Euro) (290USD). Any amount of donation would be greatly appreciated.

Transport (1 Small Utility Vehicle & 1 Light Truck )

We are currently sourcing funding for two (2) utility vehicles that are needed  for transportation of building materials for the ongoing projects and food. We are taking any amount in kind of donation towards the total amount needed. This has been a biggest challenge for us as we have to constantly hire private vehicles to bring in the building materials needed for the expansion of our place and the small utility vehicle will be mainly used to buy food as consumption has also increases that we can’t put everything in a backpack when we go shopping. We thank all our friends and relatives who have contributed so far towards our transport but we need to get to the target, so please get in touch if you feel compelled to make a contribution. Our main target for the light truck is US$9, 000 and US$ 6,000 for the small utility vehicle. Feel free if any need for more info about our transport. We need reliable good second hand vehicles that will sustain us.

Our need to build

At present Kwathu is located at its own property which makes it easier to run the home. For the sustainability of the project, Kwathu needs to build two houses for the older children who await to be reintegrated into society . Building these two houses will allow us to separate the older children from the younger ones and the females from the males as the already existing building is almost fully occupied. We would also like to build a chicken run for income generating, and a workshop. This will help children who are not academic to learn skills like woodwork, agriculture etc. Further constructions we would like to conduct are; building a wall fence, a sign for the organization, solar panels to supplement on high electricity bills.

  1. A 4 roomed chicken house as a fundraiser for the sustainability of the project
  2. We want to build a guest house as an income generator
  3. One shed as a workshop for income generating(carpentry)
  4. Solar panels to supplement on high electricity bills
  5. Further constructions we would like to conduct are; building a fence,and a sign for the organization.
Building a single House                                               K.169,800,000.00                     
                                                     US$ 49,935 

This will be done in phases depending on our financial backing and we are hoping this building project to be completed by 2018 and this is our timeframe.

Our daily needs

Our daily needs are still a challenge and we thank God for he has been feeding and clothing his children. We are amazed at just how he takes care of them; our financial resources are very limited and just a few people involved which I can call friends and relatives.

For Kwathu home to be able to run smoothly, we need to raise US$ 890 every month to buy food for 11 children and 2 care givers, manage water and electricity bills, medicals, etc

Note that we account for every contribution whether for our monthly upkeep, Transport or building project and we are open if you want to follow your donation and receipts.

Kwathu Children’s Home has its own bank account with Standard Chartered Bank plc in Livingstone.  Contact us.


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