Kwathu Farming

This is an initiative to help Kwathu sustain itself.  As Kwathu we spend a lot of money on meat, vegetables, dairy , eggs , chicken, tomatoes when we can actually raise and produce these things ourselves. We approximately use USD 150 just for 40kgs of  meat when a an actual cow will only cost USD 180, we also spend over US$300 on vegetables, dairy, eggs and chicken.We feel having our own farm would help us reduce on such expenses.

We need the following for us to get started:

  1. Build a chicken coup
  2. Build a pigery
  3. Donation for cattle,pigs,goats and chickens.
    • 1 Cow =  K 1,800 (USD 180)
    • 1 Goat = K 600 (USD 60)
    • 1 Pig =    K 800 (USD 80)
    • 1 Chicken Layers = K80 (USD 8)

For this reason we also need a light truck for us to transport farm produce and transport stock feed to the farm. The farm is about 45 minutes drive from Kwathu Children’s Home.

All proceeds obtained from the farm will generate an income and in turn create self sustainability for the Kwathu Ministry.