1. When and how did Kwathu Children’s Home start?

Kwathu Children’s Home opened in October 2005 out of a concern in the rising number of orphaned and vulnerable children who lost their parents through HIV/AIDS. It was founded by the current director, Agripa Phiri, and Gera de Brouwer, an individual donor from the Netherlands. At present Kwathu Children’s Home is run by Jeanette and Agripa, directors who coordinate the implementation of the project.

2. What is the vision of Kwathu?

The vision of Kwathu Children’s Home is for socially just communities in which all children have equitable access to education, shelter, support, care, and have a place to call home.

3. What is the aim of the ministry?

The aims of Kwathu Children’s Home are;

  • To provide a place for orphaned and vulnerable children to call ‘home’
  • To empower children to sustain themselves in the future
  • To provide education and practical skills training
  • To promote and strengthen children’s talents
  • To develop a child’s potential through life skills and guidance
  • To feed children who might not have a chance to be sheltered

The work of Kwathu Children’s Home is intended to be a reciprocal relationship, whereby if a child finishes tertiary education and secures paid employment, they sponsor another vulnerable child from Kwathu.

4. What is the target group that Kwathu Children’s Home supports?

Kwathu Children’s Home seeks to engage orphaned and vulnerable girls and boys aged 2 to 17 years. Kwathu Children’s Home defines a child to be vulnerable if he/she is: a single or double orphan; street child; abandoned by their family; making the street into a way of life; have inadequate protection, supervision, and/or care from a responsible adult. An orphan is defined in Zambia as a child below the age of 18 years who has lost one or both parents. A single orphan has lost one parent, while a double orphan has lost both. In some cases, the parent of a single orphan may not be able to provide adequate care for their children due to economic hardships, HIV/AIDS, or mental illness. Kwathu Children’s Home targets the most vulnerable children, those being children who have no family or if they do have family, are unable to care for them.

5. Till what age is a child allowed to remain in the home, and what happens to a child after they reach that age?

Children remain living at Kwathu Children’s Home until the completion of grade 12, upon which they remain connected and considered family. Upon completion of grade 12, Kwathu assists a young person to progress to tertiary education or other options, for example employment.  Children move out of living at Kwathu Children’s Home only when they have secured tertiary education, employment, or volunteer work.

6. Does Kwathu Children’s Home get support from the local government?

No, sadly Kwathu Children’s Home is not supported by the local government.

7. What is the overall support like in terms of funding for the children?

As Kwathu Children’s Home continues to grow the ministry is in constant need of support in terms of funding to support the children.

8. Who do we contact if we would like to get involved in supporting Kwathu Children’s Home?

You may contact the Director of Kwathu Children’s Home, Mr Phiri, directly on +26 097 786 2642 or email us on kwathuoffice@gmail.com. We can also be found on twitter @kwathuhome or add us as a friends on Facebook.


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