Willard is a sensitive 13 year old young man who is always able to keep peace among friends and never wants rivalry, but desires fun and simplicity. He loves to sing, play football and hang out with friends.

Willard was born on the 3rd of July 2001 and is currently in Grade 4. Sadly both of Willard’s parents have passed away. Willard is one of the most sensitive boys in the home, which has its ups and downs, yet he’s always eager to make small, goofy jokes.

Willard enjoys being at Kwathu. In his spare time he likes spending time with Austin doing things like playing football, basketball, telling stories or playing games such as pretending to be pirates. Before going to bed he likes spending time to pray for his friends at school and his brothers and sisters at Kwathu.

Willard says he feels that he no longer has to walk around feeling hungry, like he did before he came to Kwathu. His favourite food inside the house is Mama Josephine’s chicken and rice, but if he could eat anything he would go to Hungry Lion and order their chicken. Willard also feels good about going to school; all subjects are interesting in his opinion. When he grows up he hopes to become a soldier so that he can protect the country from any enemies that pose a threat. As he grows older Willard also hopes to be able to travel; be it as a soldier or on his own. He would like to go to Germany some time since he has heard so much about it, and since he knows that they have a lot of good chocolate.


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