Rozaria is an easy going 8 year old young lady who loves attention and affection. She was born on the 1st of February 2006 and is currently in Grade 3. Anton is Rozaria’s older half-brother. They share the same mother, but different fathers. Rozaria’s father is deceased and their mother is sadly an AIDS patient in her later stage and therefore is unable to care for them. Rozaria enjoys singing, playing school, being read to, and playing with dolls. She is extremely bright and ahead of others her age.

Rozaria loves spending time at Kwathu with all of her brothers and sisters. Eustus and Violet are her favorite companions, but she likes it when they are all hanging out together. Her favorite foods include nshima, rice and porridge – which are things that she gets a lot of in the home, so she is very happy! She wishes that her brother Anton was still around, but is glad that she gets to see him at school and sometimes during lunch time.

Rozaria likes school so much that she has been inspired to become a teacher when she grows up. As all subjects interest her she would like to teach them all. In her spare time Rozaria likes to play games and one of her favorite ones is “Sheep, sheep come home”.


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