Purity is a very energetic 10 year old young lady with a great sense of humor. She was born on the 20th of January 2004 and is currently in Grade 3.  She is the younger sister of Eustus and the last born of 4 children. Purity’s mother is sadly deceased. However Purity has a father, yet unfortunately he is unable to work and support his children due to ill health.

Purity loves the kitchen and has a huge appetite for food. Purity is a good helper and a great dancer. She enjoys playing outside, being read to, drawing, playing with dolls and putting puzzles together.

When she finds something particularly funny, she is usually rolling on the floor, holding her sides and carrying on with such a contagious laughter.

Purity always looks forward to having her father come and visit her and Eustus, as she misses him. In the meantime, however, she likes her life at Kwathu. The food is good, especially relish that includes pumpkin leaves. She enjoys attending school as she likes her teachers and she likes to learn. Her favorite subjects are maths, science and English.

Purity remembers being sick and taken to the hospital once. She had the measles and met a very nice doctor who inspired her very much. The doctor gave her a bath and was very nice to her which made her feel better. After that she realized that she also wanted to help heal people, and therefore she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Purity plays with all the other children within the home and thinks they are all great. In her spare time she also loves to be able to dance, especially while listening to Songs by Mampi.  Purity also has a bit of a sweet tooth and would never turn down a lollipop or something else of that kind.


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