Linto is a sharp 8 year old young man who loves to learn new things. He was born on 25 June 2006 and is currently in Grade 2. Linto used to run naked in the suburbs of Dambwa compound in Livingstone, begging for food from one house to another.  Gertrude is Linto’s older sister. He is one of the youngest children within the home yet he is a very sharp and talkative young man who loves cars, books, colouring and playing games. Linto really enjoys learning. Even at home, he is often found playing school with the other young ones & loves acting as both the teacher & the student. At any given opportunity, Linto will show you what he knows & what he’s learning. He loves drawing and colouring as well as playing football.

Linto enjoys being at Kwathu, because he has a lot of people caring for him. He also has friends within the home and likes it when they tell each other jokes or when they play games. His favorite game is “Sheep, sheep come home”.  He looks forward to playing it on the grounds of the new house when they all get to move there.

Linto likes food so much that he is hoping to become a chef when he grows up so that he can cook anything he would like. He looks forward to making spaghetti and meatballs and being able to eat fruit, biscuits and dates as he pleases. He sees himself living in what he calls “the chefs house” which would be close by the restaurant “Jones one-stop shop” that he is planning to run. The name has no special meaning; he just thought it sounded nice. There he could cook for people and prepare them drinks such as “mazoi”. He is hoping to have this restaurant in Germany, Canada or Sweden because he thinks those countries sound nice.


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