Gertrude is a beautiful 12 year old young lady who loves to sing and enjoys story telling. She was born on the 11th of March 2003 and is currently in Grade 5. Gertrude has a passion for singing and loves to bake and cook. She also loves to learn new things. Gertrude is always willing to help out the Mamas in the kitchen like cutting vegetables and washing plates. She is also so caring to her fellow brothers and sisters in the home.

Gertrude enjoys school, especially CTS (sports). In her spare time she likes to play card games and to sing. She does not like dancing though. When she grows up she wants to be a teacher in all subjects, and since she thinks everything is great in Livingstone she does not feel inclined to travel. In general Gertrude says that she is a healthy, happy girl!


One thought on “Gertrude

  1. Lorraine Nicholson

    Nice to know Gertrude is doing so well, we met her when we visited Kwathu in Aug 2009
    from New Zealand.



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