Francis was born on the 5th of May 2000 and is currently in Grade 9. He is the older brother of Austin and Obet who all come from the Kazungula area, a small border town in the Southern Province of Zambia, roughly 70kms from Livingstone. As the oldest of the children in the home, he is given more responsibility so as to develop leadership skills and character, and he is showing good progress in these areas.

He is a vibrant 16 year old young man. Francis loves being at Kwathu. He enjoys the company of his friends, the mamas and papa Agrippa. He says that on an extra lucky day he also has the opportunity of eating some sweets. If he is even luckier the sweets will be chocolates!

In his spare time Francis loves to play and to sing. He sometimes sings with Peter at Kwathu and with some friends at school. He hopes to become a musician when he grows up, preferably a gospel rapper. Francis also enjoys school and his favorite subjects are science and CTS.

To be able to eat as a family in the home is something that makes Francis very happy, so he always likes it when it is mealtime. Another positive thing about mealtime is that the food is delicious! Sundays is the best day of the week in that aspect because his favorite food is the nshima with chicken and buns.

He also hopes that he will be able to travel in the future, anywhere in the world and could see himself living anywhere as well.


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