Eustus is a very bright 13 year old young man with a great sense of humor and imagination.

He was born on the 14 of July 2001 and is currently in Grade 6. He is the 3rd born of 4 siblings with two elder brothers and one younger sister.

Eustus is very happy living at Kwathu Children’s home. He is very intelligent and open to learn. He shows great potential with his academic & leadership skills. Eustus exhibits a good sense of humor & imagination. He loves spending time outside, especially if he’s given a project to do or is engaged in activities with the other boys.

Eustus enjoys school and is happy to be able to learn from his teachers, and have a good time with his friends. His favorite subjects are SDS and English. In his spare time he likes to draw and to play football. When he grows up he thinks that it would be amazing if he could go to Brazil to join a football club because he would love to be a professional football player. If that does not happen he is also excited about becoming a lawyer. He got this idea when he was at school and they were learning about the local government and what types of professions they employ. The description of being a lawyer appealed to Eustus and he heard that he should concentrate on learning his favorite subjects English, SDS and maths to become a good lawyer.

At Kwathu Eustus likes to spend time with everyone. He is happy about having the opportunity of going to school and being educated, and that he has food and shelter every day.


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