Austin is a very hardworking 11 year old young man who loves playing outside with the other boys, playing with cars, watching movies & playing hide and seek. He is also a real joker, and has such a great smile.

Austin was born on 13th April 2003 and is currently in Grade 4. He is the younger brother of Francis & the older brother of Obet. Like his brothers, he comes from the Kazungula area, a small border town in the Southern Province of Zambia, roughly 70kms from Livingstone.  He enjoys being read to & joking around with others. He also enjoys drawing, reading and writing.

For Austin, Kwathu is a beautiful place that he is happy to call his home. He likes all of the people at Kwathu; the mamas, papas, aunties, brothers and sisters alike. Austin is a joyous boy who claims that he does not dislike anything. He feels healthy and never needs to walk around hungry. His favorite food is meat and chips at Hungry Lion and when at Kwathu, he loves nshima.

Austin says he enjoys school, especially science, and when he grows up he wants to be a pilot. Once when he was at the airport he saw an airplane on the ground and it fascinated him, and ever since he has wanted to have the opportunity to fly one himself. He hopes to be able to travel to America for his studies and graduate from there. In his spare time Austin loves to draw, but he only gives me a shy smile when we ask him if that is something he would like to do professionally in the future.

Other likes include reading and hearing someone talk about the Bible. He likes hearing about God and that he is Holy. It is something that gives him strength. He also loves adventures and Captain America is a big hero in that respect.


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