Peter is a 20 year old young man who was brought up by his single mother after the passing of his father when he was only 3 years old. His mother used to sell fish at a nearby market as a form of income. She is now quite old however, and unable to continue working.

PeterPeter started his education in 2001. Even though life was not easy as his mother was unable to provide everything which was required for school, Peter remained dedicated in his education.

Sadly middle school fees increased and Peter was forced to stop attending school due to lack of finance for school fees. However Peter never gave up. He used the time out of school wisely and found piece work. After one term Peter had earned enough money to return back to school for the second term. Peter continued with the same grade and after some time another challenge came, this was the lack of food. The lack of food made Peter lose his concentration at school. Peter then decided to look for piece work again in order to sustain himself, and thankfully he found piece work selling bananas alongside the road.

He started working every day after school during school days. Peter continued to work and attend school daily until He passed his Grade 7 examination and was selected at a high school. Unfortunately high school brought on new challenges as the school fees were a lot higher than that of middle school. The school made provision for morning and afternoon classes. The afternoon classes were somewhat cheaper, however these times clashed with Peter’s part time job of selling bananas and he was therefore forced to resign and look for work elsewhere.

Peter later found work as a gardener, however this made his life at school incredibly difficult as he had to work in the morning before attending classes in the afternoon resulting in a lack of concentration at school due to him being tired. However Peter continued to persevere at school and in 2013 He successfully completed his Grade 12 year.

Peter is now one of the vulnerable children/young men that are being taken care of by Kwathu Children’s Home. From the time he got to know about Kwathu his life has never been the same.

Peter was studying Building and Construction at the Livingstone Institute of Engineering Studies. Peter completed his studies in November 2014 with a distinction and is waiting for his official graduation in September this year. Peter is currently helping at Kwathu with building work and would love to be part of the development of Kwathu Home. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on the details provided on our “contact us” page should you require any further information.

It is a joy to see lives being transformed.


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