Community School

 Kwathu Free Haven Community School

Who We Are

Kwathu Free Haven Community School is private non-profit learning center geared toward providing an education, spiritual foundation, nourishment, love, emotional support, and individualized attention free of charge for vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia. The school consists of seven classrooms, offices, a storage room, indoor toilets for boys, girls, and staff, and can accommodate 200 students. The 2017 school year officially begins January 16, welcoming two hundred students and fourteen staff members.

What We Do

Kwathu Free Haven Community School educates children between the ages of three and sixteen years, offering a variety of courses catered towards children at the pre and primary levels (preschool through grade six). Unlike traditional schools, classes at KFH are uniquely designed to meet the needs of children who have been deprived of consistent educational opportunities.   Knowing children learn best on full stomachs, Kwathu provides two meals a day to every student. Nourishing both their minds and bodies empowers these children to be successful, functional members of society who can give back to their communities.

Our Mission And Values

The mission of Kwathu Free Haven Community School is to provide the vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia with an educational environment that: nourishes their minds, bodies, and spirits; helps them break free from the cycle of generational poverty, and empowers them to realize their full potential.

We believe that acceptance, compassion, dignity, grace, respect, and joy are crucial values for each student, teacher, and staff member to embody.

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