June 2017 Update



Birthdays are a good time to reflect on God’s love. We are each special to the Lord, unique and precious in his eyes. God’s plan of salvation is available to every human being, so that we may enjoy happiness and life with him forever. The month of June had three (3) lovely birthdays.

24/06 Nelia (7 Years):

25/06 Linto (11 Years):

We also celebrated one of our volunteer’s birthday.

27/06 Kaila’s Birthday:   


Many thanks to the numerous donations from various friends. We appreciated you continued support towards Kwathu Home and your generosity won’t go unnoticed. We had the following donations.

Donation from Shoprite Checkers, Livingstone: Shoprite Checkers Livingstone donated 24 boxes of Jungle Oats. Thank you for your support!!!


Shopping Donation from Faustine:


Donation from Kim:


 Donation from Manda:



A big thank you to Kaila and Carsyn for coming to visit Kwathu. Your passion to serve at this ministry is so encouraging. Enjoy your stay!!!!








Manda bid us farewell as her visit came to an end. We really appreciate the time she set aside to be with us. May God Bless you.



Kim and Faustine:

It’s always sad to say good bye. Kim and Faustine where here for a six weeks and it felt so short. They decided to hold a farewell dinner which was fully packed with laughter, songs and good wish messages. Thank you guys for volunteering at Kwathu and we pray that the good Lord continues touching your souls and that you can also be a blessing to others.

Community Development:

Kwathu FH Community School:

The school had a team of visitors from an organisation called Pop Green who cam to educate the children on the need to conserve and save plants. The team and the children plated different trees and each team of pupils were assigned with a plant to take care of until it is fully grow. The pupils were very excited and enjoyed the activity.

TBRI Training

Members of staff from Kwathu Children’s Home and Kwathu Free Haven Community School had a ‘Trust Based Relational Intervention’ (TBRI) training with one of our volunteer Manda facilitating the whole training. The training highlighted a few issues related to child care e.g How to deal with trauma, How to build trust with children, Deep Breathing Activities etc…It was a very educative training and it pointed out best ways to take care of children.
Thank You Manda for the training!!!!🤗🤗😊

Feeding Program:

Thank God for the continuous provision of meals for the feeding program.


Land Update:

The volunteer/staff house is almost ready for occupation. This house will be able to accommodate our volunteers who come from all over the world to visit our ministry and staffs. We thank God for seeing us through till the completing of the house, thank you to all those who sponsored towards the building of this lovely house. May God continue Blessing you.

These are the remaining works:

  • Fitting in the shower/ Toilet
  • Tiling the porch


New Project:

The construction of the new shelter to be used for the feeding program is underway. The foundation has been dug up and we will soon start making the concrete slab.

Tim’s initiative of the reuse of water for gardening has been successfully completed. We will be able to reuse the water that was used for washing dishes, bathing etc.Thank you for the initiative Tim!!!



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