May 2017 Update


We had Four lovely birthdays this month. It is always joyful to celebrate another year added to these children. We thank the Lord Almighty for keeping them in good health.

Obet’s Birthday:


Francis’s Birthday:


Mapalo’s Birthday:

 Uncle Peter:


Schools have reopened and all our children have returned to school for their second term of 2017 academic year. They are all excited to go back to school as they couldn’t wait to go and meet their friends. It had been a lovely holiday fully packed with family outings and just spending time together as Kwathu Family. We now look forward to a successful second term.



The Held Family bless us with 20 warm blankets for this cold season. The donation came at a time we needed them as we are approaching the cold season. We thank you for the support and God Bless You.

“In the early months of 2016, God birthed a fresh idea in the heart and mind of a volunteer. An idea which seemed only possible as a daydream, God molded into a reality. In the late hours of a Monday night, random thoughts were being tossed about in respect of a fun, compelling and dynamic event, in which various businesses, churches, community groups, non-profits, colleges and schools could be incorporated, with the aim of uniting individuals regardless of age, race, gender or belief system.

With Africa being so ingrained in the roots of a number of our Grace Klein Community members, God not only birthed the idea, but grew such an excitement within the hearts of the community to host a drum circle in support of Kwathu Children’s Home.

The heart behind the event was for all to experience true Koinonia, a deep unity and fellowship that should exist among all Christ followers, the Body of Christ. Joint contribution from community members played a vital role in the planning, preparation and roll out of the event, a beautiful representation of the Body of Christ, actively working together, each part just as important as the other.

“But in fact God has arranged the part in the body, every one of them, just as He wanted them to be.” – 1 Corinthians 12:18

On May 6, 2017, Grace Klein Community hosted their 3rd drum circle in support of Kwathu Children’s Home. Thanks to community, the 2017 Bambelela Drum Circle was a huge success!!! 6 Business sponsors, 36 volunteers, 3 ministry partners, 3 professional hula-hoopers, a “day of beauty” contest, 100 + first entry party favors, face painting, kids creating instruments, 75+ calk walk giveaways, cornhole, djembe drum raffle, food, a surprise donuts feast, and 150 friends jamming to the beat culminated into an awesome evening.”

Thank You Tandeka e.V for the continued support towards Kwathu Children’s Home. May God continue Blessing you.



We are blessed to have Faustine from Switzerland volunteering here at Kwathu. She will be with us for the next few weeks and we would love to welcome her to Kwathu and we hope she feels at home.


We are also glad to welcome Kim and Manda back to Kwathu. We really appreciate your thoughts of coming back to lend a helping hand. God Bless You.





Community Development:

  • (Kwathu Free Haven School)

Kwathu Free Haven re- opened schools for their second academic term for 2017. The children were so excited to come back to school. We just want to welcome everyone back to school and wish them all the best in their studies.


Highlands Creative Academy:

Our 20 external school sponsorship children are also back in school. They look forward to another exciting academic term.


Feeding Program:

We are proud to mention that the feeding program is just going on well, We thank God for helping us bless these families and we are happy that we are able to share at least a meal with the needy around our community. Thank you all for your endless efforts to make sure we are able to provide meals for these children. May the good Lord continue blessing your work.


Land Update:

The volunteers/ staff house is almost complete with only minor works to be done. This house will be able to accommodate some of our long term  volunteers who come to Kwathu to help the ministry in different tasks of our daily life. We thank you all for the support rendered towards the building project.


These are the remaining works:

  • Water Connection
  • Electricity Connection
  • Fitting in the Bathroom/ Toilet
  • Putting in furniture e.g Stove, Fridge and Beds.


New Project:

The Lord has continued touching the souls of many. We received a blessing through Gina a close friend of Kwathu. Through this blessing we want to build a shelter for the feeding program. As at now our feeding program is being done in an open area without proper tables and chairs, its also difficult to run the program when it rains and this has prompted us to build this shelter so that children can have their meals in a very conducive environment.

Proposed Site for the construction of the shelter.


Tim, a volunteer at Kwathu Free Haven School has come up with an initiative of the reuse of water in order to help us water the grass and flower plants. We will be able to reuse the water that was used for washing dishes, bathing etc. This will reduce on the water bills. Thank you for than initiative Tim!!!


Prayer Request:

Pray for continued funding for our remaining building projects at Kwathu.

pray for sponsors for children who still need support for school fees



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