February 2017 Update

The growth of a child is no less than a miracle of its own. The blessing, however, is something one should admire when witnessed. Seeing a child grow up in age, size, and body is the most beautiful thing to observe. This month we celebrated Rosaria’s 11th birthday on the 1st of February. She enjoyed a mini party organised by the other children and she received some presents and cards.

Victoria also celebrated her 4th birthday on the 26th of February.


Kwathu Children:
We welcomed Jane and Mapalo back to Kwathu. They were brought back after a failed re-integration. Social Welfare decided to bring them back to Kwathu as they felt this was the best place for them to stay and that both Jane and Mapalo had already built a relationship with the other children. Their situation back home was getting worse everyday; not having enough food, care, love and were not going to school. We are more than glad to have them back at Kwathu.

We are glad to announce that we have new children who have been admitted to Kwathu Children’s Home. It is always a blessing to receive these children and hope they enjoy their stay here at Kwathu. Meet these lovely children:

We are sad to anounce that one of our older children Peter is no longer with us but we are happy that he has gone to re-unite with his grandmother/family. We wish Peter all the success in life and we hope to see him soon.

God has been with Kwathu; the progress seen is a sign of God’s hand on the work we have been doing .We are so thankful for the continued support from friends and partners. Your contributions and efforts in trying to make life better for our children hasn’t gone un-noticed. We thank you and God bless you all!!!!!
Community Development:
Kwathu Free Haven School has been running since January and we thank God for the smooth operation of things. The children turn in numbers to school and their day at school is fun packed with educational activities e.g. dancing, scripture union etc. Nothing gives us so much joy but to see these children smile as they come to school and ready to take their classes. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making change in the lives of these young children.

Highlands Creative Academy School:
We are sponsoring extra children who were not accepted at Kwathu Free Haven School because of lack of space. We are delighted about the future of these 18 children. If you feel the need to sponsor any of these children you can please contact us.


Kwathu Shop:
We have finally opened our mini Kwathu shop. This is a self sustainability initiative to help the children raise some money that they can use when they go to college. All proceeds go into their individual accounts. We have various items e.g Necklaces, Hand bracelets, Drums, Chitenge bags earrings etc. Please support this initiative by coming to buy our products or just come for window shopping.

Tailoring Program:
The tailoring program is going on well. This program was intiated to help the women in the community build up some tailoring skills for entreprenuership purposes. Aunty Getrude is designing beautiful Chitenge (Fabric) bags. We are still sourcing for more sewing machines so that we are able to engage more women in this program. Feel free to lend a helping hand.

Feeding Program:
We thank God that we are able to provide a meal for the children and the people living around our community on a daily basis. Children and adults turn out in numbers to come and have lunch here at Kwathu. The community women help prepare and wash the dishes afterwards. We are glad that we are creating a special bond with theses people. To God be the Glory.

Land Update:
The volunteer house is slowly coming up. This month all the rooms were tiled.

The following are the remaining works:
1. Painting inside and outside
2. Wiring
3. Fitting doors and door handles
4. Bathroom
5. Kitchen
6. Water Connection
7. Electric wiring
8. Electrical connection


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