October update 2016



With the support from various people, the  project is moving and progressing so well, and with this we want to continue expressing our gratitude to our faithful partners in Germany Tandeka e.V. Augsburg, who have made it possible for us to continue operating so that we can reach this far. Through the support we receive as Kwathu Children’s Home from our partners, we were able to travel to Namibia for our quarterly shopping of food and groceries upkeep. We sometimes buy dry food and groceries in Namibia because it is cheaper compared to Zambia and they have a variety.  This can never happen without your commitment to support this ministry at Kwathu children home.

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We were blessed to receive a team from Global Challenge Explore Africa 2016 who came and helped us with our ongoing works at Kwathu Children’s Home.


 The team  gave in hands in helping painting the staff house and cleaning it just to ensure that everything was beautiful and in place.


The Global Challenge Explore Africa team had good time spent with our children in telling stories, devotion, playing and playing games. We also had a special moment were we had dinner with the entire team and Kwathu family. We love to share with every blessing we are blessed with.

The team helped with the feeding program which we have every Monday, they helped in the preparation of food, setting the eat area just to make sure it was clean for eating, and dishing out of  food to children and mothers who come for the feeding program.They did  Dramas and Games with the kids.



Our children attend Arts Therapy which take place every Saturday at Elijah Mission International  . They enjoy being part of this activity which includes: painting, drawing, making face mask and learning more about colours. Many thanks to Mrs. Gill Zulu for this privilege given to our children to be part of this creative activity which will help them develop some skills and discover what they are capable of doing on their own.

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Our children gather together with the house mothers every evening for a devotion. They take time to read the bible and pray for themselves, for their family and friends too, they pray for Kwathu, the prisoners, the sick and the homeless so that God can also give them a shelter. It is our desire to bring up our children in the fear of God as the word of God instructs. Gertrude and Francis are in the choir at church, like most of their free times are spent at church. They really enjoy it and we give them so much support.


We are here for the less privilege in the community who cannot afford a meal every day. As Kwathu Children’s Home we believe sharing with the community is a blessing. In the same way we are blessed, we also want to bless other as the bible say “we are blessed to bless”. In the book of Mathew Jesus was able to feed the multitude who can to hear Him preach the Gospel, and with only 5 loafs of bread and 3 fish and five basket full was left after everyone else had received. This is exactly what we are trying to emulate as Kwathu by introducing the feeding program and feed the community and clothing them so that they are not hungry or naked.


The feeding program has been made possible through our faithful partners in supporting this program. We feed up to about 150 people every Monday within our community where 130 are children and 20 are mothers, and the number of children and mothers who come are approximately 617 when added every mimg_5996onth. During this program there are activities which are lined up for the children who come for the feeding program;  which is sharing the word of God with them and the mothers, children songs and dances. The community children as they come they are given an opportunity to play and have fun in our children’s play park.

JPG (28)

One of the community support we have is the Arts Club right here at Kwathu, where community children come to show case their skills in painting drawing. The number of children received every meeting on Friday is approximately 25 children. The children really enjoy participating in this activity and don’t want to miss a day. We use visual Christian arts to reach out and also explain the word of God to the children.

img_0217img_0219img_0214img_5992      For us it is a breakthrough seeing the children enjoying and just responding to the program and we give Glory to him alone who deserve our GOD.


Our Voluntary/staff house are going on well and we thank God for that, we are glad to share with you that the voluntary house have been plastered inside and out, flooring is also done. At the volunteer house, works are also in progress as ceiling,painting of the  was also painted and what need to be done is tiling and painting. Many thanks goes out to Tandeka e.V. Augsburg, who have stood to ensure that this project continues through their warm support towards the construction.


Many thanks to our Tandeka team for your efforts that you made on this day, fundraising for the Phiri family. This has been so encouraging for us as the Phiri’s. We love you! You guys are awesome!


We are so grateful for your support!


The following are what are pending to complete our projects:

Voluntary house



-Apron concrete



Administration block pending

-Office apron concrete

-Reception counter/ chairs

-Garage entrance

-Parking area

Children’s house pending

-Girls bedroom Shelves

-Boys Bedroom shelves



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