Our Children will be closing schools on 7 August 2015. For the past few weeks our Children have been revising in preparation for their end of term exams. For the four children who will be seating for the grade seven final exams, it’s getting quite intense for them as they only have exactly 3 months before they write their final exams and they are currently seating for their mock exams. We wish them all the very best as they all write their exams. The children in examination class will not close school as others break off for a 3 weeks holiday this is to help them to adequately prepare and equip them for the exams.


It’s just been amazing how God has greatly been providing for the home in the past 2 months. jpg (13)Firstly, on 6 June we were blessed with assorted items from a visiting team from “World Race” this wonderful team spent some good time playing and interacting with the children and they all had a wonderful time. Next,Emily our short term volunteer from Australia, blessed the children with assorted clothing, toothbrushes and 2 children’s play games.

In addition, Manon our short term volunteer from Netherlands worked with Kwathu for a period of 1 week. During her time at Kwathu she mainly spent herjpg (16) time doing various recreation activities with our little children. We are so thankful to Manon, her family and friends for their support to Kwathu Children`s Home.


Peter and Linto had their birthdays on the 25 of June. On Friday 26 June we had a joined birthday celebration of Peter and Linto who turned 14 and 9 years old. It was a nice and wonderful time for everyone especially little Anna, Michael and baby Victoria as it was their first birthday celebration at Kwathu. This time was more fun as celebrations took place outside at the Children’s Play Park. Natalie and Daniela our visitors later joined us and they blessed the two birthday boys with 2 lovely balls and packed some candy and snacks for the other children. As it is mostly done on a child`s birthday, children took advantage of this outdoor birthday celebration to throw each other with water balloons. This was so much fun as they drenched the Birthday boy. All the Children had fun and enjoyed a piece of cake, juice and lots of candy. Both Peter and Linto received wrist watches for their birthday present. Thanks to Peter and Linto’s sponsors for continually blessing and putting a smile on their face.

jpg (9)jpg (8)jpg (20)jpg (5)

On the 3rd of July, Willard turned 14 years old but his birthday was celebrated on the 4th of July. His birthday was special and unique, many thanks to Catherine Silwebbe who invited the Children for the Livingstone Arts gallery event. This occasion was so much fun for the Children and it was characterized of various kids’ activities like face painting, drumming, dancing, drawing and many more. Later, all the Children who were present sang happy birthday song for Willard and each had a piece of his birthday cake and candy. As Willard loves Art and would love to become an artist in future, he was very happy and inspired to have his Birthday in an Art Gallery filled with local paintings.

jpg (15)jpg (2)jpg (3)

Moreover, Eustus `s birthday was extra ordinary from all other birthdays he’s had before at Kwathu. He turned 15 years old on 14 July but he also celebrated his birthday later on Saturday 18 July. Mr. & Mrs. Phiri founders and directors of Kwathu Home decided it was time for Eustis to celebrate his 15th birthday with his older brothers in the community. This was exiting and we were all surprised to find a small table decorated with flower and an audience of more than 25 people in attendance with onlooker from a distance. We know Eustus has one grandparent from his mother’s side and two brothers. It was strange to find neighbors and their children present for his birthday…. This time Eustus shared his cake with more than 30 people; we still don’t know how Jeanette managed to feed so many with one cake. This was a special time for Purity and Eustis as it was done with the idea of strengthening family relation between Children and their known relatives.

jpg (10)jpg (11)jpg (5)jpg (4)


On 24 July we said goodbye to Audrey our friend from Texas who has been working with Kwathu jpgfor almost 3 months. Audrey came in the time Kwathu was parking in preparation to move to our own place. She was one of the volunteers who helped us move and was a helping hand to the mothers in taking care of the little ones. Audrey will be missed by the Kwathu family.


Since our main shifting in April 2015, the Kwathu family has continued to grow. Meet cute Victoria our 1 year 4 months old baby girl and Michael a 2-year-old boy. These 2 were admitted to Kwathu in the month of June 2015 on a temporal basis through the assistance of the Social Welfare Office. During the month of July, another child named Charity was admitted to our facility.

It is very sad that all these 3 children are victims of neglect and abuse. As this is a very delicate stage of growth in any child’s life; especially in areas of love, guidance and general care which a daily need. Unfortunately, these are evidence of a society rugged by poverty and luck of proper education. However, we are delighted at Kwathu Children’s Home to be able to provide and care for these children.

jpg (7)jpg (6)IMG_0010JPG (28)

Kwathu Children’s Home first opened its doors to the first orphan in October 2005 and this year 27th of April 2015 was a massive achievement for Kwathu to have been able to move from the rented home to our own property. October 2015 will mark 10 years of Kwathu`s existence in caring for orphans and vulnerable Children in a stable and safe environment.

July 2015 was a awesome and joyous time for the Kwathu family as the other children had an opportunity to meet Daniel the first child to have been admitted to Kwathu Children’s Home in October 2005. Daniel is one of the first male children of Kwathu Home. JPG (24)Him being raised at Kwathu went to David Livingstone High School, studied at LIBES ‘Purchasing and Supply’ and now living and working in Lusaka while pursuing an MBA program. His coming made a huge difference to our young boys knowing ‘whatever the situation, hard work and determination pays off in Life”. The young boys had many questions for him concerning life in general and how they could live a successful life in future.


On 7th July, we welcomed a wonderful South African team, “Global Challenge” who stayed with us for a week. This was a lovely and joyous team, everyone in the team was great and special in their own way. They stayed for a week camping within and around our property which they really loved and enjoyed. During their stay at Kwathu they mainly helped with the fitting of the electric security bulbs by the main gate, fitted the barbed wire above the wire fence in order to enhance security and also fitting the fisher boards around the house.

jpg (22)jpg (21)jpg (3)

Every evening they took over devotion time with the children, reading scriptures, dramas and group facilitation after scriptures. The other ladies in the team mainly helped out the housemothers in caring for the toddlers, cleaning around the house and helping out in the gardening section. A night before they left we had a family dinner. Not only did we enjoy the braai we were also entertained with a talent show were everyone took part and it was great. The team had a wonderful drama presentation that was as good a comedy show we all laughed our lungs out, we just had an awesome time together.

We are pleased to inform everyone who was involved that the main house has been completed with minor touches remaining. The fitting of our kitchen cabinets are completed, it took a lot of time to get it done but here it is. Thanks to Tandeka e.V and friends for the donation in kind to make this a reality.

jpg (33)jpg (27)jpg (23)jpg

Our focus has now shifted to the administration building, which is in progress, and the walls are being raised right now. This structure will house a carport to fit in two vehicles, reception, two offices, one storeroom, one meeting room and toilets. Many thanks to Natalie who has continued with fundraising for Kwathu and the Shelby Baptist Church who blessed Kwathu Children`s home with an offering which has been used to start works on the office block. We are also thankful for our friends from Canada Bob and Marylyn for their continued support in building Kwathu home. We are seriously grateful for your donation in kind towards the building.

jpg (17)jpg (12)jpg (18)

Please continue praying with us on these requests

    • Pray with us for financial resources to help us accomplish our next goals of the project, which is constructing our administration block.
    • Pray with us for our 4 Children who will be sitting for grade 7 exams this coming October.
    • Continue praying for courage, faith, wisdom and mostly love that we can accomplish the goals we set for Kwathu and that the children can live, grow and mature in Gods daily goodness and loving kindness.
    • We thank you all for your continued love and support towards Kwathu Children’s Home and may the Lord continue to bless you! Matthew 18:5 “And whosoever shall receive one such little child in my name, receives me”.
    • We thank all our friends and partners for your prayers, donation and support of any kind to Kwathu. GOD BLESS YOU.



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