April & May 2015 Updates


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When Kwathu Children’s Home first opened its doors to the first orphan in October 2005, it was clear to know that Kwathu will not be sustained and grow on a rented property. On rented property, we suffered a lot of limitations by the Landlord which included inability to expand, extend, teach life skills, sink a borehole, build play area etcetera. But when we got this land in 2007, this became one open door to hope seen and it raised our expectation to build our own property high. From the year we got land to 2010, we prayed, labored, longed to see the construction works started. Mid-year 2011, our breakthrough came, a donation from Mr. Paul in Germany who gave a donation in kind enough to lay the foundation of our first house on our land. This started to open more doors from different people, family and friends from all over the world to give towards this building. One block at a time, we built this house with so much patience, perseverance, hope and trust that one day it will be accomplished. 2015 has been one busy and exciting year for Kwathu. All our predictions over the years to finally settle on our own land have become a reality.

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April 2015 was a very exiting month for Kwathu children and stuff as we finally moved to our land. The joy was just immeasurable as children and mamas celebrated. Everyone was grateful especially children who realiesd they will be served with their own room space and bathroom. Some of the older children had the opportunity to decorate and paint their own bedrooms bringing more satisfaction, belonging and independence in realizing they are now HOME. There is nothing more satisfying in any man’s life as in realizing one is home. As the saying goes,”THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME”.  Kwathu means, “My home or my place”. Since moving to our own land, Kwathu is slowly meeting its objectives, goals, vision and most of all stability. We thank God for our devoted and faithful partners, who relentlessly pray, fundraise, encourage and publicize Kwathu. We give thanks to Tandeka team, Graceklein, Ubuntu CB, Hope Builders, The Rodriquez, family and friends all over the world for believing in us and help us build Kwathu Home.


Our Children had closed schools on 10th April and enjoyed their 3 weeks Holiday except for the Four Children who are in the examination class had continued attending class. April school holidays had no activity as the children had to help park their belongings in preparation for shifting. In this very season, children had mixed feelings as they were excited to move to their new home but also sad to leave friends and change school. Older children were able to communicate this and make peace but it was sad and yet very exciting for smaller children knowing at their new home, they will be driven to school. School reopened on 4 May for the second term. The Children are very excited to be in the new school especially that they are dropped off and picked up from school on a daily basis. It’s getting exciting for the grade sevens, have skipped grade six, their performance is improving every day. They are very excited and curious with this grade, asking so many questions and eager to learn more. If they qualify to grade eight this year, this will make them catch up with the years they missed not going to school before they came to Kwathu Home. We wish all our Children the very best for this term.


Many thanks to Sara our short term volunteer who worked with Kwathu for a period of about 2 weeks. Sara `s time at Kwathu was just  perfect timing , this was just few weeks before the Children opened schools for the second term and most of them  did not have school bags. Sara blessed the Children with school bags and other assorted items. Besides she also helped out painting and general preparation of the main shifting.

We continue to express our heartfelt gratitude to our faithful partners, Tandeka, Grace Klein Community, Ubuntu Cross boarder Foundation and all friends across the globe for their tireless efforts in helping Kwathu become a better place to live for the Children and believing in the vision of Kwathu. May the good LORD continue blessing you all.


We work with Gods children whether abandoned, neglected, orphaned, abused or vulnerable; they are all loving children in Gods eyes. When Jesus called a little child to him, set him in the midst of the disciples, and said, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of Heaven. Whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven. Whoever receives one little child like this in my name receives Me”. Upon realizing Gods love, Children at Kwathu devote themselves every evening to prayer, thanks giving, reading, understanding and share Gods word. Their past issues disintegrates when they are in God’s presence were they don’t feel judged, inferior or stigmatized by the orphan term but fall back in the loving arms of the Father. With God, it’s easy to love each and every one of our children.


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Birthdays at Kwathu are always special days filled with so much joy and happy memories. April was such a special Month for the Kwathu family. Austin celebrated his 12th Birthday at the old House. During Austin `s birthday not so much activities were prepared as this was a time of packing and preparations for the main shifting. However, Austin enjoyed blowing his 12 candles on his vanilla cake which was baked by Mama Josephine and Aunty Sara who was stayed with us for a week. Austin  received a very wonderful birthday gift and he was given a k20 for his birthday shopping which he used to have his bicycle fixed and he has been enjoying riding his bicycle.

JPG (6)jpgJPG (7)

Jerome turned 4 years old on 21st April and his birthday was celebrated few days after the main shifting. Jerome’s Birthday was the first to be celebrated at the new home and the Children were very happy and had so much fun. Our visiting volunteers were present for the occasion and we all had a great time. Jerome was very happy to have received a robot toy and his favorite drink apple max as his birthday present.

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Further on, Obet turned 9 years old on 3rd May and Francis turned 15 years on 5th May.  On 8 May, we celebrated their birthdays and we also had a joined celebration of a warm welcoming time for the new home, this was characterized of a braai and other yummy foods.    Our visiting volunteers were present for the occasion and we all had a great time. Not only did Francis receive a wonderful birthday gift he also got a nice cold pouring of water. Both Francis and Obet were very happy with their gifts and they all received K20 each for their birthday shopping.


jpg (11)jpg (5)

Meet our little cute girl who has just added a number to the Kwathu family. Anna was admitted to Kwathu Children `s Home on 18th May 2015 through the assistance of the Livingstone Social Welfare office. She is a cute 4 year old girl who unfortunately has been a victim of Child Abuse. In the past four years she has been physically abused by her Mother who is a mental patient suffering from a condition called schizophrenia and her Father who is an alcoholic and has since abandoned the Child. After being admitted in Hospital for about 3 weeks this little girl was diagnosed with moderate malnutrition, anemia, and malaria and wound infection which was a result of severe burns on her body. She also suffered a broken left arm in two places as shown by an x-ray result. This is one of disturbing cases of child abuse we haven’t encountered for some time since our home opened.  The mental Condition of her mother is very unstable and unsafe for any child to be near her; nevertheless, she is currently accessing treatment at the Psychiatric ward at Livingstone General Hospital.

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We are delighted at Kwathu Children`s Home  to be able to provide Anna a Safer home and we pray God grants us the grace and strength as we walk a path with her and we praying for her quick recovery. We have put in place a special menu to help her recover from malnutrion and live a normal stable life like any other health Child. But this stretches our daily food and medical monthly budget: Please help us help her by giving a minimum of US$20 to cover her nutrition and medical bills on a monthly basis.

Let’s all ensure that Children are cared for and protected at all times and by reporting any suspected Child Abuse to the relevant authorities “Together we can make a difference”.


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All through the month of April we had quite a number of short term Volunteer including Stephanie and Juliana. We are so grateful to these Volunteers who worked tirelessly in painting and helping out in the cleaning up in preparation of the main shifting. They also gave a donation for the doors (Mukwa hardwood) inside the house which was a humbling gesture.

jpgjpg (11)jpg (5)

We also received about 35 to 40 youths from a local Church who helped mainly at the old property  cleaning the surrounding,inside the house, painting the outside of the main house and finally helped in packing and off-loading items during the time we had the main shifting.

jpg (10)jpg (16)jpg (13)jpg (9)

Further on, 2 days before our main shifting on 26th April we received 3 short term volunteers. This included David and Mishear from Germany and Michael from Switzerland. The first two days after arriving David and Mishear helped out to finishing up painting at the old property and Michael helped more with carpentry work such as putting up shelves in the big boy’s room to be used more for the study Area. Mishear and David bought 3 big pots for the home, this gesture really made Mama Josephine our house mother so happy as the number of Children has increased and of course the Children are growing up and need more Nsima.

jpg (15)In addition, 0n 21st April a week before our main shifting, we received 2 more short term volunteers Laura and Janette who mainly during their working time at Kwathu spent more time with the Children. Among a few activities they have been undertaking includes drawing, cutting and making cards, helping out with homework and more fun activities on the Children`s Park. We are so grateful to these two ladies as they greatly helped out to focus on the Children and just ensuring the Children are kept busy and safe. This enabled us to have more time to prepare for the main shifting and settling down after the main shifting.

jpg (17)

Finally, during the course of June we received David serving as a short term volunteer, we are grateful to David for his 2 weeks stay at Kwathu,  he mainly enjoyed playing with the kids and helping them out with homework after school. We are so thankful to all the Volunteers for their efforts and time at Kwathu Children`s Home.


The following are our next goals for the Project;

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  • Put up cupboards in all the Children`s and House mothers rooms
  • Fit floor tiles for both the front and back yard veranda
  • Start works on the Administration block

Please continue praying with us on these requests

  • Pray with us for financial resources to help us accomplish our next goals of the project, which includes floor tiles , cupboards for all children and house mother`s room and works on the office/Administration block.
  • Continue praying for courage, faith and understanding that we can accomplish the goals we set for Kwathu and that the children can live, grow and mature in Gods daily goodness and loving kindness. We thank you all for your continued love and support towards Kwathu Children’s Home and may the Lord continue to bless you! Psalm 127:3 “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward.
  • Pray with us for our 4 Children who will be sitting for grade 7 exams at the end of the year.
  • We thank all our friends and partners for your prayers, donation and support of any kind to Kwathu. GOD BLESS YOU.

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