November Update



Peter in front of the College, LIBES.

Peter in front of the College, LIBES.

The best way to care and support a Child is to empower them with education. We would like to say thank you to all who made it possible for Peter to undertake his 2 years full time training in building and construction at Livingstone Institute of Business Studies. He completed his exams on 20th November 2014 and he will be Graduating in September 2015. However, Peter would love to study further and attain a higher level in Building and Construction. We appeal to friends and partners of Kwathu who might love to support Peter further his studies. Peter is currently helping the construction team building Kwathu property.

The third term is almost coming to an end and the Children are now preparing for end of term exams and they will be closing on 5th December, 2014. This is kind of exciting for most of them as they will be in the next grade in 2015. Two of our boys will be sitting for grade 7 examinations next year for the first time. We wish them well as they write their exams next week.

jpg (3)Further on, due to the rapid development of technology, we have put aside some time for the children to learn basics in computers for about 30 minutes. So far the lessons have been progressing well and exciting they are putting every effort to understand computer. This is a good introduction to a computer lab we want to build at our new property in future.


jpg1jpg 8

Our visiting Volunteer from Netherlands blessed the Children with new materials for making school uniforms, socks and assorted food items. We are always grateful for people who go all the way to support and care for our dear Children. A Zambian saying, “A child is raised by the entire community”.

Through the financial support which was raised during the Garden party organized by a lovely couple Mark and Angela from Australia. Works are progressing well and unbelievably fast, for November and December. The Kwathu local contractors have been working hard on site and there has been tremendous progress with the strict monitoring by our director Mr. Agripa Phiri. Plumbing in the main house is almost finished with Bath tubs, toilets, hand basins, shower, waste and drainage pipes well fitted.

On the other hand, putting up of the ceiling in the main house is also almost complete, the workers are currently skimming the boards with gypsum or Rinolite bond. The reserve water tank which will be used mainly to store and supply water to the main house, office block and other structures in future was bought. We are planing of building a tank stand and a room under it for the booster pump and storage. We have started tiling the floors beginning with what will be children’s play and recreation room, it looks like everything will be done almost at the same time.

Many thanks to Graceklein Community our American partner who have opened their doors to Natalie our Volunteer who is on a mission for Kwathu. Natalie has been sharing with various groups about Kwathu and in doing so some funds have been raised. However, these funds have enabled us to start digging the foundation for our administration block which will promote smooth running and management of the project.

Thank you Natalie for tirelessly being the hands and feet of Kwathu Children’s Home, may you be encourage everyday as you stand for Gods precious children.
A big thank you to everyone who unconditional but in kind donated towards the purchase of our Kwathu Bus.
In addition, we thank you all for your love and support and for believing in the vision of Kwathu Children`s Home. To God be the glory!

Please continue praying with us on these requests.

  • Pray with us for financial support for the remaining stages on the house ( flooring, painting, and the doors)
  • Please continue praying for Natalie who is currently in Alabama USA on a mission for Kwathu Children`s Home. She will be meeting Churches, Organization etc. under our partner Graceklein Community.
  • Continue praying for courage, faith and understanding that we can accomplish the goals we set for Kwathu and that the children can live, grow and mature in Gods daily goodness and loving kindness. We thank you all for your continued love and support towards Kwathu Children’s Home and may the Lord continue to bless you! Psalm 127:3 “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward.
  • We thank all our friends and partners for your prayers, donation and support of any kind to Kwathu

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