House Mother TrainingAs a way of enhancing the delivery system in caring for the Children, Kwathu Children’s Home successfully conducted a 2 week training workshop for the house Mothers in Child care facility, Children’s Rights and Abuse, First aid, Nutrition and General Children’s sicknesses.


Peter and Linto Birthdays Home are always special days filled with so much joy and happy memories. On 16th June we celebrated a combined Birthday for Peter and Linto and we also had a farewell party for our two visitors from Germany; Stefanie and Jessica. During this celebration we had a braai, vegetable salads, juice, boerewors rolls and two delicious cakes.

Most interesting the children enjoyed pouring water on the birthday boys and Mama Melody who was also celebrating her birthday.  It was a joyous time for everyone. Later on Peter and Linto were accompanied by our two German visitors to do their birthday shopping, which they really loved and enjoyed.

In addition, we had a visiting team, World Race from America, who spent some quality time with the children and enjoyed doing some recreation activities such as painting, crafting, colouring, drawing and football.

World Race TeamWorld Race Team


Green valley farm, which is based in Livingstone, has faithfully continued to support Kwathu Children`s Home with a variety of vegetables on a weekly basis. Besides, the Kwathu family was blessed with assorted items and dinner at Hungry Lion by the Rodrigues family from Australia. We had such a wonderful time. We are so grateful for the continued growing support from both the Local and International community in caring for our dear children.

Dinner at Hungry LionRodrigues Family Kwathu Market

Our Kwathu market has continued to grow. All our items are hand made by our Kwathu House Mothers, Children and the local community at large. When purchasing an item from our market you will be supporting directly our Kwathu Children as proceeds go towards further (University/college…) education.


During the Month of June, work has continued to progress at the building site although most focus has been on the small House.

Sink in the small houseFirstly, the sewer line has been successfully connected to the main septic tank. The toilet has been fitted, small sink and the shower basin. Next, the fitting of wall tiles in the bathroom is in progress and all the required water pipes connections have been successfully done and water is now accessible in the small house.

Toilet in small house


Banana Fruit TreeAs way of ensuring sustainability of the project we have started a small vegetable garden which we hope it will expand, and as a way of conserving the environment we have also continued to plant some fruit and indigenous trees within our property.



Finally, the World Race team from America helped out at the building by cleaning the surrounding, windows and painting the metal structure of our water tank. Thank you team.

All this progress has been made possible by the financial support of Tandeka.e.v Ausburg Germany. Please continue praying with us on these requests:

  • Funding for a 10 to 16 seater Bus (preferably Diesel) that would help us transport our children to and from school, as well as for the use of administration purposes. At present, some of our children are walking about 10km to and from school.
  • Pray with us for financial support for the remaining stages on the house (Plumbing, flooring, painting, the ceiling and the doors)
  • Continue praying for courage, faith and understanding that we can accomplish the goals we set for Kwathu and that the children can live, grow and mature in Gods daily goodness and loving kindness. We thank you all for your continued love and support towards Kwathu Children’s Home and may the Lord continue to bless you!

Note: Kwathu is now on twitter! Please follow us on @KwathuHome.

Psalm 127:3 “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward.



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