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Our children have continued attending school and they are doing so well. House mothers, volunteers and other staff have continued to help the children with their homework on a daily basis. Children were given reading books and time has been set aside where they are all given a chance to read. The aim of this activity is to help the children improve their reading skills.


Green Valley Farm, which is based in Livingstone, has 024faithfully continued to support Kwathu Children’s Home with a variety of vegetables on a weekly basis. Moreover, during this month Envest Kalonga Estate has been blessing Kwathu Children`s Home with some nutritious bananas. We are so grateful for the continued growing support from the local community in caring for these dear children.

Our Kwathu market has continued to grow. All our items are hand made by our Kwathu house mothers, the children and the local community at large. When purchasing an item from our market you will not only be supporting our house mothers and local community members, but also Kwathu Children ‘s Home itself as a small portion of the proceeds go towards further education for our children.


As Kwathu Children’s Home is a Christian faith-based home we have continue to share the word of God with our children through worship and devotions. During this month we reviewed previous lessons and further on focused on the new subject of “The Resurrection (of Lazarus)”. The text scripture was read from John 11:1-46 and we focused on John 11:25 as our memory verse.

As a way of helping the children to understand and remember these lessons, pictures were used, a memory verse was read out aloud in roughly 2 to 3 local languages, the children were placed into groups and a leader was chosen to give a preview of the lesson.

Further on, we had a quiz and questions were based on both lessons. The children did so well. As a way of encouraging them the winners were given a small gift. Our children have also continued to attend church every Sunday which they really enjoy.


Birthdays at Kwathu Children`s Home are always special days filled with so much joy and happy memories. Rozaria turned 8 years old on 1st February and Victoria Phiri, the daughter of Mr and Mrs Phiri (Kwathu Directors) turned 1 years old on the 26th of February. We had a joint party for the girls this past Saturday, and all the children had so much fun. We celebrated their birthdays at a venue with a jumping castle, a swimming pool and a trampoline. The children had such a fun filled day.


On 20th February, David, a 4 year old young boy, was admitted into Kwathu Children’s Home through the assistance of the Social Welfare. David has been welcomed at Kwathu and all the Children are happy having him around, especially little Maranatha as she now has someone almost of her age to keep good company.


On the 13th of February we said good bye to the 2 social workers from Germany, Jenny and Katrin, who were at Kwathu for a period of three weeks. During their stay at Kwathu the 2 ladies read out the letters to the Children which were written by the Children at Mogli Children’s Home from Germany. The Kwathu Children really loved this and they were very excited about it. The Kwathu children then took time making cards and writing letters back to the Mogli Family in Germany. In addition Jenny and Katrin did some recreation activities known as Scooby doo. The children really enjoyed it.


With the consistent supervision by Mr Agrippa Phiri, the director of Kwathu Children’s Home, IMG_88761work at the building site has continued to progress. We really thank our Lord for the great works and financial provision towards the building project soon our Children will have a place they can call Home!

The contractors have been working so hard during this month, the erection of the roof has successfully been completed, and the door frames and window frames IMG_8884have also been fitted.

Further on, the electric pipes have been installed all around the house in readiness for wiring. Socket and switch boxes have also been installed both for inside and outside the building.


In addition, the contractors are currently plastering the inside of the building and are likely to finish both in and outside within the coming month. All this has been made possible by the financial support from Grace Klein Community and Hope Builders.

 Please continue praying with us on these requests:

  • Funding for a 16 seater Bus (preferably Diesel) that would help us transport our children to and from School, as well as for the use of administration purposes.
  • Pray with us for financial support for the remaining stages on the house (Plumbing, Flooring, Painting, Sealing the roof, Doors and glass panes.
  • Continue praying for courage faith and understanding that we can accomplish the goals we set for Kwathu and that the Children can live grow and mature in his daily goodness and loving Kindness.

 Psalm 127:3 “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward.

 We thank you all for your continued love and support towards Kwathu Children’s Home and may the Lord continue to bless you!

Note: Kwathu is now on twitter! Please follow us on @KwathuHome.


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