December 2013 Updates





Our children successfully completed their end of the year exams in the first week of December. We are so proud of our children here at Kwathu Children’s Home as they have all done incredibly well at school this year and we’ve seen such great improvement in the children’s results.

As part of motivation, appreciation and congratulating the children on their school results we took the children to Hungry Lion. Those who achieved the best at school were treated to a meal consisting of chicken and chips and those who achieved second best were treated to a delicious ice-cream.

Hungry Lion Icecream

Hungry Lion Meal



Schools closed on the 6th of December and the children have since been on school holidays and will be returning to school on the 6th of January 2014.


Green Valley Farm which iVegetable Donationss based in Livingstone has continued to support Kwathu Children’s Home with a variety of vegetables on a weekly basis.

Jade Imani, who previously volunteered at Kwathu Children’s Home on a short term basis, surprised the children with a special visit all the way from Germany.  The children’s loved having their Aunty Jade around for a visit, she has always been such a blessing to them.

We were blessed with sponsorship from a South African couple as well as one of the local men in town who wanted to bless the children for Christmas. It certainly has been a blessed festive season, thank you for all your support!

Philippians 4:19 “And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from His glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.”


As Kwathu Children’s Home is a Christian faith-based home we have continued to share the word of God with our children through worship and devotions. Our children have also continued to attend church on a weekly basis which they thoroughly enjoy.


As mentioned in ouFrancis Playing guitarr previous update, Natalie, who is so passionate and well skilled in playing guitar has been spending quality time to impart some guitar skills to the Children on a weekly basis. It is such a blessing to be able to instill new skills into the children’s lives and we look forward to the day when our children will be leading us in worship!

We said a sad goodbye to one of our short term volunteers, Linnea Wickberg within the first week of December. Linnea joined us on the 1st of October 2013 and was with us for a short terms period of 2 months. We were blessed to have her as part of our team!


On the 15th of December we welcomed home Mr. and Mrs. Phiri, Jerome and Victoria! The Phiri’s have been out of the country for some time and the children were overjoyed when they returned home. We thank God for their safe arrival!

Welcome Home MamaWelcome Home







On the 4th of December one of our girls, Violet, who was admitted to Kwathu Children’s Home on a temporal basis in August of this year was discharged from the home and reunited with her family. It was sad to say goodbye to Violet, but we are so grateful that we were blessed with the opportunity to have her under our care and a part of our family during her time with us.


We had such a special Christmas with the children here at Kwathu Children’s Home. We celebrated Christmas Eve with a delicious meal with the children. They were incredibly excited as they got to open their Christmas presents on Christmas Eve! The children were so blessed with clothing items, toys and fun activities.

We celebrated Christmas day with a Christmas Party for the children! What a lot of fun it was! Peter Phiri (12), one of our KwathuGuests from SA Children, opened the party in a scripture and prayer before the festivities began. We had some special guests joining the party all the way from Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa, as well as friends joining us from Love’s Door for all Nations. The children presented the guests with some lovely Christmas songs and dances. We also had a surprise guest! “Father Christmas” surprised the children with some yummy goodies!

Please continue praying with us on these requests:IMG_0159

  • Funding for the 5 bed roomed house for the children. We need to raise US$ 3000 for the remaining 3 block layer on the big house to conclude all brick work. Then we can start working on the roof which requires a total of US$ 17,000.
  • Pray for courage, faith and understanding that we can accomplish the goals we set for Kwathu and that the children can live grow and mature in His daily goodness and loving kindness.

Psalm 127:3 “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord; the fruit of the womb is a reward.”

We thank you all for your continued love and support towards Kwathu Children’s Home and may the Lord continue to bless you!

Note: Kwathu is now on twitter! Please follow us on @KwathuHome


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