November updates 2013!





The Kwnov_1athu children have continued attending school and within the next two weeks they will begin writing their end of term exams.We would like to take this time to wish our lovely children best wishes for their exams. Many thanks goes out to the House mothers, our visiting volunteers and other staff members who continue to spare their time in assisting the children with their homework. In addition, Kwathu Children’s Home congratulates Peter for being chosen as a school prefect! What a joy it is to see the lives of these children being transformed for the better.


Green Valley Farm which is based in Livingstone has pledged to support Kwathu Children’s Home with a variety of vegetables on a weekly basis, of which the Children are really enjoying. We were also blessed by a couple visiting from Canada. They were a such a blessing to Kwathu Children’s Home and had a wonderful time with the Children. All of these gifts have been most welcome! It’s really a joy to have both local and International communities getting involved to love, support and care for the children at Kwathu.


Being a Christian faith-based home we have continued to share the word of God with our children through Bible devotions and Sundays when they attend Church. This is done with the aim of helping Children grow in their faith of our Lord Jesus Christ and laying a foundation of good morals as they grow up. We are so proud that our Children were so actively involved in this year’s Children’s Sunday.



One of our Volunteers, Natalie, who is so passionate and well skilled in playing guitar has been spending some quality time to impart some guitar skills to the Children, and this will be an on going weekly activity. It is such a blessing to be able to instil new skills into the children’s lives. As per our previous update, Linnea (Swedish) and Natalie (South African) began volunteering at Kwathu Children’s Home in early October this year. Apart from assisting with administration work the volunteers have been involved in assisting the children with homework, spending quality time with the children and imparting some guitar skills as well as computer skills into their lives. On a number of occasions they have taken our children swimming at Livingstone Backpackers where they have been able to teach some of the children how to swim. The children love spending time in the pool, especially on very hot days. The volunteers have also been assisting the house mothers around the home where needed.


Wow! Within the next two weeks Kwathu Children’s Home will be welcoming back the Kwathu Directors; Mr and Mrs Agrippa Phiri who have been away for sometime now.



Once more, one of the local backpackers was kind enough to let us use their pool free of charge, which we very much enjoyed! All the kids had a lot of fun playing in the water, some practicing their swimming, some trying to learn how to float in the water and some just splashing and jumping around.


Furthermore, as we are close to the the festive season, Kwathu children took time to draw and design some lovely Christmas cards to well wishers and to people who have been supportive to the  ministry in any way possible. The Children really enjoyed designing these cards.

Note: Kwathu is now on twitter! Please follow us on @KwathuHome.

Please continue praying with us on these requests:

  • Funding for the 5 bed roomed house. We need to raise US$ 3000 for the remaining 3 block layer on the big house to conclude all brick work. Then we can start working on the roof which needs in total US$ 17,000.
  • Pray for courage, faith and understanding that we can accomplish the goals we set for Kwathu and that the children can live grow and mature in His daily goodness and loving kindness.
  • Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Psalm 127:3.

We thank you all for your continued love and support towards Kwathu Children’s Home and may the good Lord continue blessing you!


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