After having a wonderful time from their school Holidays, Kwathu Children’s Home reported back to school on 2nd September, 2013. The children’s school performance was very impressive, we are hopeful that they  will continue to work hard.


One of the couples living within the community have continued blessing Kwathu Children’s Home with some cabbages. In addition one of the bakeries where we buy buns for the children has pledged to be giving 1 pan extra and is hoping to do more in future. It’s really a joy and a blessing to have some locals getting involved to love, support and care for these children at Kwathu.

Furthermore, we received quite a number of visitors; the first group was from Germany, the second group was a mother and daughter from the the U.K that and lastly we as well had 1 Chinese National and the other one was from France. During their visits they blessed the children with assorted items.


Due to the prevalence rates of HIV/AIDS in Zambia in general, and Livingstone in particular, Kwathu Children’s Home had an HIV/AIDS day during the holidays that taught the children prevention messages. A step further was undertaken and the five boys were successfully circumcised and are now fine. The Zambian Government through the Ministry of Health has embarked on the Male Circumcision campaign with the aim of reducing the risk of cervical cancer as well as reducing HIV/AIDS infection in men.



Furthermore, Lara and Sara, the two dedicated and hardworking social workers  from Germany that have been working as volunteers at Kwathu Children’s Home for a period of three months, completed their stay and said goodbye to children and staff at Kwathu Children’s Home.


On a sad note; Kwathu director Agrippa Phiri had two break-ins at his residence and a couple of valuable goods such as a laptop, TV and camera were stolen. Please keep the family in your prayers.


Birthdays at Kwathu are always special days filled with joy! Little Maranatha, the youngest girl in the house, celebrated her 6th birthday. Lara, Sara and Aunty Margaret baked and decorated  a cake for her. Later on the children  sang Happy Birthday, had some drinks, candy and they played good music. The children  really had a wonderful time.


Please continue praying with us on these requests:

Funding for the 5 bedroom house. We need to raise US$ 3000 for the remaining 3 block layer on the big house to conclude all brick work. Then we can start working on the roof, for which we require a total of US$ 17,000.

Pray for courage, faith and understanding that we can accomplish the goals we set for Kwathu and that the children can live, grow and mature in His daily goodness and loving kindness.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Psalm 127:3.

We thank you all for your continued love and support towards Kwathu Children’s Home, may the good Lord continue to bless you!


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