August Update

This month was full of fun activities. As children where on holiday and had time to play with each other.


Birthdays at Kwathu are fun filled days. On 10th August Mama Josephine one of the hardworking and committed Mamas at kwathu celebrated her Birthday. As a way of appreciating her, Kwathu Children’s Home blessed her with a cake which she later on shared with the Children. On the same day Kwathu Children’s Home attended a Birthday party and were accompanied by Mama Josephine and Aunty Gertrude. Wow! Lara and Sara Blessed Mama Josephine with another cake which she as well shared with other members of staff. We had a pleasant day.

Besides On 24th August kwathu Director Mrs. Jeanette Phiri celebrated her Birthday. Kwathu Children sang happy Birthday and send some lovely Birthday messages for her.

During this month kwathu Children’s Home has been blessed with some cabbage from one of the community members living in the same area.


Lara and Sara who have been helping out as Volunteers have continued on their project of writing out memory books with the Children, which will help children when they grow up to remember their life experience at kwathu.Children also had outside games which they really enjoyed.

Francis, Willard, Linto and Peter accompanied Lara and Sara for shopping in preparations of the movie night. The children helped in the poping of popcorns and later in the evening while enjoying watching the Madagascar movie, they as well enjoyed some popcorn.


The same day Kwathu Children’s Home had a picnic at Mukuni Park some Children helped in the mixing of ingredients of baking Bread. The Children were very excited as it was their first time for others to visit the park; the Children enjoyed watching the fish in the ponds, played football and had a nice 2 to 3 slice of Bread each.

Wow! On the 15th it was kwathu Children’s Beauty and football day. In the Morning Children played football and later on in the afternoon it got so exciting the little girls had an extreme make over and the boys had a facial musk. The Children really had a wonderful time and looked very beautiful.

 ImageThe children had an educational tour to the mighty Victoria Falls one of Zambia‘s best tourism destination .The Children enjoyed watching Monkeys, had nice a walk around the falls. The Children as well learnt more about David Livingstone being the first white man to visit the waterfall. Children were not allowed to visit places such as the boiling point for safety measures especially for the little ones. Later on the Children had their lunch just besides the Zambezi within the falls area.


Our children have continued doing well at school and so as way of motivating them the best students were taken to Hungry Lion to enjoy some nice chicken & chips and the second best went for ice cream.


Eustus, Obet, Anthony and Austin accompanied Lara and Sara for shopping in preparation of the disco night. Later in the evening Children had a disco night. Children were very happy and show cased their talents in dancing, we really have good dancers at kwathu. Apart from dancing Children had some soft drinks, pop corns and chips to eat it was a wonderful moment.

As we are provide care for HIV/AIDS infected and affected children, Gertrude who is a social worker at kwathu had an HIV/AIDS day with the Children. Main topics in discussion were Basics in HIV/AIDS and preventive measures and positive behavior change to these Children. We hope to continue with this project even after school reopens this is due the high prevalence HIV/AIDS infections among the young people, through this we can have a free HIV/AIDS generation.Image

Kwathu Children’s Home being a faith based home, we as well had a religion day, with the aim of helping them to understand what salvation is .Therefore children learnt about salvation and watched a 15 minutes video on assurance of salvation just to help them understand and become doers of the word of God.

On the other hand, Gertrude, and Maranatha accompanied Lara and Sara for shopping in preparation of the Germany day.Kwathu Children‘s Home is usually visited by both local and international visitors it for this reason that Lara and Sara the volunteer from Germany prepared a Germany meal for the childen, which included beef, chicken ,potatoes and peas mixed with carrots. The children really enjoyed and had a good time.

During this time the Children also had Teeth day were they learnt about teeth hygiene and its importance. Crafting of beads which the children have done before was one of the main activity.

In addition the children had African day were they had quiz questions about Africa and basically just to learn and know more about Africa.

Finally Airport tour.Image

We thank God for the development slowly taking place at Kwathu land. The water we prayed for such a long time is now there. A 93meter deep borehole was drilled. Last week we completed installing a tank stand, a 5000 liters tank, a submersible water pump with two 100meter pipes to supply water from the borehole to the tank and a fully automatic system to pump and monitor water level in the tank. How awesome, Kwathu land will now be transformed.Image

Please continue praying with us on these requests:

  1. Funding for the 5 bed roomed house. We need to raise US$ 3000 for the remaining 3 block layer on the big house to conclude all brick work. Then we can start working on the roof which needs in total US$17,000.
  2. Pray for courage, Faith and understanding that we can accomplish the goals we set for Kwathu and that the Children can live, grow and mature in His daily goodness and loving kindness.

Behold, Children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Psalms 127:3.

 Thank you all for your love, prayer, support and donations in kind. God bless you.



3 thoughts on “August Update

  1. Nkosinathi mangena

    may God realy bless you for the great job you are doing at Kwatu, i wish God to bless us with finds to build a orphanage house one day in zim

  2. Mandy

    When do students in Livingstone go back to school? I am thinking about doing a teaching volunteer project next summer but don’t want to go in August if no kids are in school.

    1. Kwathu Children's Home Post author

      Hi Mandy, Most private schools have opened. But other government schools are opening on the 11th of September. Thanks


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