February {Self-Control}



On the first of February we celebrated Rozaria’s 7th year of life with fun colored cupcakes and games. She enjoyed cupcakes, choosing a toy in town, and playing with everyone. There was a team visiting Kwathu that also brought some more fun to her day!

Highlight Child


Willard is 11 years old, one of the most sensitive boys in the house, and always eager to make small, goofy jokes. Being sensitive has its ups and downs. Although he’s prone to getting too upset to talk, making rash decisions in how he deals with being offended, he’s learning to turn that all around. The verse the Lord gave us for Willard was Ephesians 4:23 which says, ‘Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.’ In His grace, this is exactly what is happening. God is changing his heart and Willard is learning how to better express himself and use his sensitivity. In many ways Willard is able to keep peace among friends and never wants rivalry, but desires fun and simplicity.


This month is about ‘self-control’. My dear brothers and sisters, pay attention to what I say. Everyone should be quick to listen. But they should be slow to speak. They should be slow to get angry. James 1:19

We’ve been teaching the kids to think before they speak, and to pause before they get angry. It’s so important that they learn to recognize the consequences of what they say and do. Our hope is to continue helping and watching them grow to be great listeners, considerate, and full of self-control.


On February 26th the Phiris welcomed their sweet baby girl into the world, Victoria. Mom and baby are happy and healthy. The family is soaking in the sweet time they have together before Agripa heads back to Zambia. Agripa is so thankful that he got to be there for the birth. He will be returning to Zambia on March 9th.

We received a lot of black socks from the kids ministry at Discovery Church in Orlando, Florida where one of our long-term volunteers used to work! It was so sweet to get a helpful, heartfelt gift along with fun books for the kids to read about how the socks got all the way to Zambia. Thank you DCKids! 

Prayer Requests

  • For Willard to continue changing and growing, using his sensitivity in the ways that God made it for him; that he would keep having his thoughts and attitudes changed by the Lord.
  • The Phiris last week together to be really special and good; for the transition of Agripa leaving, a safe journey, and the strength for Jeanette to be with Jerome & Victoria alone.
  • More unity and harmony at Kwathu among the mamas and the children.
  • We have a new partnership with a hotel—pray for opportunities and people who become passionate about our vision and work at Kwathu.
  • Provision of $10,000 for the next phase in the Land project—raising walls to roof level, doors, windows, and electricity cables.



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