Human trafficking is modern-day slavery.

These are some of the reasons why children are being trafficked in Zambia.

• Social economic situation/ poverty

• Promises of lucrative employment and businesses outside of Zambia

• Lack of education

• Early marriage

• Orphanhood, resulting particularly from HIV/AIDS

• Belief in witchcraft and the use of human organs in rituals

Peter, who came to Kwathu in June, was a victim of child trafficking. He didn’t have paperwork for traveling, so they would not let him out of the country with the man traveling with him. We are thankful that he was not trafficked. The government stepped in to protect him; he was found wandering around a bus station with no transport money, far from home (which is in another province). We are so thankful that the Father has brought him from what could have been tragedy to a hope-filled home and future. It is a joy to be a witness of transformation–physically, and in time, emotionally. Peter has such a genuine desire to serve, always wanting to help with anything he can, and his smile just warms your heart and brightens your day. Peter has found peace at Kwathu.


This month we also want to highlight and introduce you to Willard. He came to Kwathu shortly after his 11th birthday. He is in 2nd grade, and wants to be a chef when he grows up. He loves drawing, playing cars with the other boys, and playing karate. It’s been a joy to walk a path with him, seeing his attitude change since he’s been with us. Different than most, Willard wears his heart on his sleeve; it’s helpful in many ways because we know when we need to step in and provide comfort, direction, and discipline. He is another example of transformation. Walking a path and seeing how he grows–already he is growing into a new boy. Willard has found family at Kwathu.



There are some new things going on at the land. We started the construction of a smaller house for the caretakers at the land, which will be used as a staff house in the future. The foundation is done now; to complete this house in full we need $5000. The children’s home building is on pause right now as we wait for more funds to come in. Standing strong in trusting God to provide in His time and His way.

If you would like to support a child or donate to the children’s home let us know. If you have any questions contact us at kwathuoffice@gmail.com. We would love to talk and provide any information that you may need. 

If you feel led to support us financially for the land please know that whatever you can give is a blessing to us! You can donate through Tandeka or Grace Klein Community. 

As always, please stand in prayer with us. In trusting God, in raising the children in the way they should go, and in the timing of the land and construction process. Prayer is powerful, let us not forget that.


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