September 2012

September 2012


In August one of our long-term volunteers, Dawn, went home to visit and do some fundraising. (She also went to bring our new long-term volunteer, Hollie, back with her!) The two of them took a road trip to Alabama to visit our partner Grace Klein Community. They shared our story at a Community Night event and spoke to many small groups about what we do and how to get involved! It was a great time for them to expose Kwathu and we are grateful to have such special friends who support us even from a far distance. Apart from this they held a garage sale and had another event to educate people about issues affecting Zambia; we were lifted in prayer that night. With the money they raised we were able to buy a new washing machine! What a blessing! The mamas are very happy. Thank you Grace Klein Community—because of your support and faith in us we were able to get the machine. We thank God for you!


Happy Birthday Maranatha! Wow, she is 5 years old! A joyful celebration with sweets, dancing, and a walk to town to buy what she wanted—she chose fries and sausages! It made us laugh but she enjoyed it so much and that’s what matters.



The machinery for digging a bore hole! We have the funds needed to start the digging of a bore hole; we are so thankful that we have reached this stage in the building process. Please stand in prayer with us for skillful hands and a faithful team that will be successful in finding water at our plot! 

Thank you for being a friend of Kwathu! 


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