Land Update: June 2012


A team from Oral Roberts University came to Kwathu. The guys from the team helped clean up the land! They dug up some weeds and made the land look a little more put in order. Their hard work was appreciated.


We started taking some of the blocks to the land and the first blocks for the walls have now been laid. As the provision comes in we will move the rest and continue to build up to roof level! The progress of the land is such a blessing to see. Any time we get a chance to go to the land and see that something new has been done, it’s amazing.

If you want to know more information about the Land concerning our vision, the cost, etc please e-mail us or send us a message on Facebook. We are more than happy to share our hearts and open a door of deeper communication.

Keep standing in faith with us.

Kwathu Children’s Home
Agrippa and Jeanette Phiri
P.O. Box 60021
Livingstone, Zambia
Home (Kwathu): +26 021 33 22 030
Mobile: +26 0977 862 642 (USA) (Germany)




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