July 2012


This month was really wonderful. A team from Oral Roberts University visited for a couple days; it was short but sweet. They had willing hearts to serve—raking the yard, cleaning up the land, ironing clothing, helping to cook, and making bracelets for our shop. They were a blessing to us!


On the 25th, Linto turned six years old. He also lost one of his front teeth a few days before; he’s feeling like a big boy now. Another exciting thing happened on the 25th—a new child came to Kwathu! His name is Peter and he is 11 years old. Peter is from the Eastern province of Zambia. He was taken by someone to travel with, and then left without transport money about 800 kilometers from his home. The Social Welfare worked hand in hand with us to bring him to our home.  He’s fitting in very nicely, playing with everyone and always ready to help if there’s a need. It seems as if he’s been with us all along.


We should be getting at least three more children within the next few weeks, making the number of children at Kwathu FOURTEEN! It’s an adventurous, good, and different season, as God prepares us to grow and change more children’s lives.


As more children come to our home, we need more sponsorship and support so that we can
continue to provide for every child in every aspect—food, shelter, education, health. Your support goes a long way and we appreciate anything that you can do to help us. Donate clothing & school items, sponsor a child, pray for us. Everything is appreciated by us and by the Father.

Kwathu Children’s Home 
Agrippa and Jeanette Phiri 
P.O. Box 60021 
Livingstone, ZambiaHome (Kwathu): +26 021 33 22 030 
Mobile: +26 0977 862 642 
http://www.gracekleincommunity.com (USA) 
http://www.tandeka.org (Germany)  


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