Land Update: May 2012


Over the last couple weeks Kwathu has been very busy making blocks for the new house. It’s been exciting to see blocks take over the yard and stack up, knowing that every day we are getting a step closer to seeing the house stand. When we are done making all the blocks that we need, we will start building and we hope to reach roof level by the end of June. This season is exciting, being on the edge of such a great thing, seeing God provide so much and bring His plan to more of a reality. 


We truly need you to stand with us in prayer during this time. We know that only by asking will we receive. We know that only by pressing into God will He pour out His blessings on us. After we build to roof level, we obviously need to put on the roof, which is one of the most costly things. Over this month as we build the house, we know we cannot neglect the next step. Please stand in faith and pray with us for the funds to put on the roof. We know that it is not too much to ask for because we are asking the One who owns it all.

Kwathu Children’s Home
Agrippa and Jeanette Phiri

P.O. Box 60021
Livingstone, Zambia
Home (Kwathu): +26 021 33 22 030

Mobile: +26 0977 862 642 (USA) (Germany)


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