January 2012 Update!

This new year has already been filled with many exciting things!

  • New team member from the States, Dawn Rogers!
  • Partnership with Grace Klein
  • Purity celebrating her 8th birthday (she’s growing up!)
  • The children resumed school (even Maranatha, our youngest)

This is our team! Agrippa and Jeanette, the directors, along with the Mamas and Volunteer. We are so excited to introduce this new team to you and are very hopeful that we will continue to stand strong, serving the Lord, loving the children and one another. God has already shown Himself to be binding us together in harmony and

Two years ago a team from Grace Klein Construction Company came to serve, and as our friendship has developed over these two years, God has opened a door for us to be in partnership! We prayed together over our land, believing in God for big things. Grace Klein has it upon their hearts to see Kwathu grow and encourage others to be passionate about it too. To find out how you can donate to Kwathu through Grace Klein, go to: http://gracekleincommunity.com/kwathu-childrens-home/
Purity turned eight on the 20th of January! It’s hard to believe how much she has grown since she came to the Home a few years ago. We had a really wonderful celebration! Friends and the whole family gathered together to celebrate her special life. Colorful decorations decked the room, along with fun music that made everybody move and dance. We gathered together—friends and family—to sing Happy Birthday to Purity and pray over her. She was gleaming with joy, especially looking forward to spending 20,000K at Shoprite later in the afternoon. It was a joy to see her delighting in a day that was meant for her.

The kids went back to school on January 3rd after their holiday for the month of December. They are all doing really well; we are so proud of their marks in school! The government schools in Zambia do not offer very good education so we choose to put them in a private school in hopes that their dreams and future will come even more alive as they are in a great learning environment. There are many needs that we need met at Kwathu for the children’s school fees.

  •  $80 per term (every three months) which simply allows them to go to school
  •  $14 for uniforms
  •  $20 once a year to help the school raise money for a bus
  •  Backpacks
  •  Shoes

All of these fees apply to each child. With 10 children in the home, that’s alot of funding! We are asking you to help us in any way you can! You can give backpacks or shoes (the shoes here are not as quality compared to the States) or sponsor a child by providing $80 per term (every three months) and the other fees when needed. Our desire is that in sponsoring the children you form a bond with them, getting updates about their school marks and how they are doing in general.

If you are interested in knowing more or helping Kwathu in any way, feel free to email us at kwathuoffice@gmail.com!


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