June/July Update

Happy Birthday Linto & Eustis!

Our youngest, Linto celebrated his 5th birthday in June! As they came from school, we ate a nice lunch, played games, & had a delicious cake & pudding. Linto received a bunch of his favorite toy–cars! He was so excited to be able to celebrate his special day during the visit of two of our friends from Germany. Happy Birthday Linto! Eustis turned the big 1-0 in July during the visit of a team from South Africa to Kwathu. He loved celebrating it with our friends from Global Challenge, who made him an awesome lunch & cakes!

Happy Birthday Eustis!





Thank You Global Challenge!

At the beginning of July, Kwathu was very blessed by a visit from Global Challenge, a ministry based in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa. GC is a discipleship/leadership program oriented around travel adventures. During their journey through Botswana, Zimbabwe & Zambia, they committed a week to serving at Kwathu. In addition to completing work projects during the day, they had unending energy to play with the children & help them with their homework as they came from school. Throughout the week, the team looked for needs they could meet at Kwathu. It was during this time that they decided to fulfill a great need for us by purchasing a new fridge for the children’s home. Global Challenge, thank you for blessing Kwathu in so many ways!

Child Spotlight: Linto

Linto is the younger brother of Gertrude & was among the first to Kwathu in 2009.  As the youngest in the house, he is a vibrant & intelligent young boy who loves being around his friends. Linto’s favorite activities include playing with cars, dancing & racing his brothers & sisters around the yard. He has a great sense of humor, & is very thoughtful & considerate. He loves to show others anything new he can do–climbing up on something, a dance move, a headstand, or a drawing– always saying, “Look!”. Linto is a joyful young boy with a very positive outlook on life. He loves everything about cars, trucks, trains, motorcycles & airplanes & looks forward to the day he can drive others around.


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