May Update

The children finished up their first term at Faith Christian Trust Academy in April. By the end of the month, we had received their marks & were astonished at how well they did. Each & every one of them! Below are their placements. Bear in mind, most of them are in classes with upwards of 40 students!

  • Obet: 4th in Preschool
  • Linto: 8th in Preschool
  • Rozaria: 5th in Reception
  • Purity: 13th in Reception
  • Anton: 10th in Reception
  • Austin: 8th in Reception
  • Gertrude: 8th in Grade 1
  • Eustis: 13th in Grade 3
  • Francis: 10th in Grade 1
The blessing of sending the children to a nearby private school increased as we were able to send all 11 children this term, enrolling Deborah & Samuel, our two newest additions to the Kwathu family.
Child Spotlight: Deborah & Samuel

Deborah (9) & Samuel (4) became a part of Kwathu last month, when their mother, Roreen, moved in & joined us as the full-time Mama. Their father passed away in November 2010, leaving Roreen a widow & these two as single orphans. Upon their arrival, they were quickly embraced & incorporated into the Kwathu family. Deborah & Gertrude are best friends & Samuel is a hit with the young ones as well as the older children as a result of his charismatic & humorous personality. As previously mentioned, Kwathu received sponsorship for both of them to attend the private school with the others. Deborah is enrolled in Grade 4 & Samuel is in the Nursery class. They both enjoy school & socializing with other children, but still, their favorite friends are their brothers & sisters at Kwathu. Welcome to Kwathu Deborah & Samuel! We love you!

Holiday Adventures:

After their first school term, the children enjoyed a 3 week holiday. It was during this time that Kwathu was blessed by a local golf course to bask in the sun during a full day of swimming. Together with our friends from YWAM, we splashed, dove, & paddled until we were all dog-tired.

Just before returning to school, the kids had a day out at the Crocodile Farm. Along with viewing these massive creatures, they saw different types of snakes & jumped around on the playground.

Reaching Out:

The vision of Kwathu is one that champions the efforts of the surrounding community to rise up, move forward, & overcome. We’ve recently been cultivating relationships with three boys from a neighboring village, all of whom are trying to finish up their education, but are facing financial challenges. Though these boys are beyond the age range to be taken into the house, they are not beyond a hand to help them up & equip them to succeed. They have each shared their incredible stories with us, which we encourage you to read on the Kwathu Blog. We would love to continue empowering them, but we will need your help to do so. Please consider partnering with one of these boys & allowing them an opportunity to succeed. See refer to giving details, but please specify recipient.


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