Kwathu March Update

Happy 9th Birthday Gertrude!

On the 11th of this month, we celebrated Gertrude’s birthday with a day at the nearby game park & lunch by the river. While at the game park, we saw giraffes, impalas, other African wildlife. After spending some time by the river, the birthday celebration continued for the rest of the day with a delicious cake, presents & a movie night. Gertrude was so grateful to receive a pair of sneakers, a barbie, a magnetic drawing board & fun hair accessories. At nine years old, Gertrude is growing into a beautiful young lady & a strong leader. Kwathu is so blessed by her. Happy birthday Gertrude! 

Progress at the property…

Since our last newsletter, we have been working hard to really begin developing the property in obedience to what we felt like the Father was saying…”just start”. In agreement with the Kwathu vision to provide opportunities to others & foster mutually beneficial relationships, we have hired on 3 young men to clear the plot. These men are all in the process of completing their grade 12 education & by employing them with this assignment, we have been able to contribute to their school & exam fees. They have worked so hard both at the property & the current plot! We have been so impressed by their character, work ethic & determination & we look forward to seeing these men complete their education. We are also excited to see more relationships like these develop as Kwathu expands & the vision is actualized. If you would like more information about the development at the property or if you would like to contribute both to this progress & the success of these young men, please send us an email at  We would love to hear from you!

Developing our communications

We thank you for joining us on Facebook, for checking out our blog & for keeping up-to-date via the newsletters & email. It’s been so nice to hear from you through these avenues & we really feel so blessed that you choose to walk this journey with us. We hope to continue to load the most recent photos & even some videos onto the Facebook page so you can get a glimpse of life here at Kwathu.

Child Spotlight: (Anton)

This month we would like to feature Anton & share a little more about him. Anton & his younger sister, Rozaria, were the first to come to Kwathu in 2009. He is 7 years old & in reception at Faith Christian Trust Academy. His academics are improving this year, especially concerning his reading & writing skills. He really enjoys school & spending time with his friends. He loves to run & play, to race others around the plot, play hide & seek, & wrestle with the boys. Still, his most favorite thing to do is dance & he’s quite good at it! Anton is currently enjoying a visit from his sponsor from Germany, who arrived in Livingstone last week. His sponsor & Anton first met in 2009 when he traveled to Zambia with a team from Cape Town for an outreach with a discipleship training program called CPx. Since this time, he has been supporting Anton. Kwathu extends a special thank you to him & to all who support specific children. You are truly a blessing to the team & these children as you are giving them the best opportunity for a successful life. At Kwathu, we open our doors & welcome visits from all our sponsors & friends. Anton is delighted to see “Uncle” & spend time with this person who is so wonderfully impacting his life.


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