About Kwathu Children’s Home

Kwathu Children’s Home is a not for profit, community faith based Home in Livingstone, Zambia, that provides shelter, education, psychosocial support, care for HIV infected or afected children, and life skills to vulnerable children in a healthy, stable and safe environment. Kwathuis a Nyanja word from the eastern province of Zambia which means ‘our home or place’ and provides a loving and caring family environment for children aged 2 to 17 years to live and grow within and call home.

Kwathu Children’s Home is a registered charitable project, registration number ORS/102/53/233 under The Societies Rules Act Cap 119 of the Laws of Zambia.


Contact Person:       Jeanette and Agripa Phiri

Organisation:             Kwathu Children’s Home

Position:                      Directors

Telephone:                0026 0977 862642 or 0026 0955 862642

Email:                           phiri.everynation@yahoo.com


We decided to take in six orphans because of the great need and devastating situations that the children go through in their communities. Let me shade a little bit more light to their struggles;


We have 3 brother sister sets in the house, the first set was found by the YWCA (Young Women Christian Association). The young boy and girl was staying with their father who is fighting for his life with TB and their mother past away. These children as young as 4 and 6 had to look for ways to survive and the only way was to scrap for rotten food on gabbage dump fields. They were brought to us so durty and smelly, when we gave them a bath, we couldn’t understand how a young girl and boy could live in such dirt. 

The other set was living with a grandmother who is also unable to take care of her grand children, she unveled are situation to YWCA who later channeled the girl and boy to us .

Feel free to get intouch with us if you would love to get involved in the lives of our children in areas of support and care.

Jeanette and Agripa



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